Why Vortex Optics?

Why Vortex Optics?

I've spent some real time behind a number of quality optics over the years. So after Wolf Den was conceptualized, I started to look at industry leaders in the optics market and which company would be a good fit to partner with.  After considering the perceived strengths and weaknesses of numerous companies, my thoughts and attention immediately turned to Vortex® for a number of reasons.


This is the story of why I chose to align Wolf Den with Vortex® Optics, and what exactly makes them my optic manufacturer of choice.


A Reputation For Valuing and Supporting Customers:

I've had dealings with the crew at Vortex® for multiple years now, including a few weeks at the Vortex® facility located in Barneveld, WI to present some ballistics training and as a guest speaker on the Vortex® Nation Podcast. My interaction with the staff has always been positive and enjoyable, which was a big ticket item for my selection criteria. The company needed to be full of good people and it needed to have a solid track record of valuing and looking after their customers. That type of trait can be a hard thing to find so it automatically thinned out the list. 


The people at Vortex® are truly a company concerned with doing the right thing by the customer, they consistently go above and beyond. The Very Important Promise (VIP) warranty is nothing to scoff at either. There's not too many optics companies who stand by their product for a lifetime, that's a real commitment! For those readers who aren't aware; The VIP warranty guarantees the lifetime repair or replacement of a Vortex® product if it should ever become damaged or defective—at no charge. If they can't repair the product, they will replace it with an equal or better product.


If you're ever travelling through WI, make sure you stop at the Vortex® facility, which is impressive to say the least. Vortex® relocated to their new facility a few years ago, which now features a cigar lounge fireplace and showroom. Within the showroom is a plethora of destroyed or demolished Vortex® products which definitely wouldn't be covered by any warranty known to man. Some of the destruction is kind of impressive in a way that leaves you wondering what type of story accompanies that damage? That question isn't left unanswered, each figment of destroyed optic has a story outlining how the optic came to be in its' current state. But that's not even the cool part; These are all stories dedicated to doing right by the customer and exactly what that Vortex® VIP promise really means.


An Industry Leader Open to New Ideas:

The ability for a company to truly consider new ideas and innovate from those is paramount. It was important to me that the optic company partnered with Wolf Den would have their fingers on the pulse. Vortex® is continuously releasing industry leading and cutting edge products across a wide variety of military, law enforcement or civilian shooting applications. The latest Vortex® releases have been nothing short of brilliant engineering, continuing to propel the industry forward in design innovation and optical clarity. 


I'm always graced with great dining company when my path crosses with the Vortex® crew. The question of "What makes a great optic?" sometimes comes up across the dinner table. When you have those conversations it becomes obvious that this is a company full of brilliant minds, all dedicated to advancing optical quality and technology in robust, hard wearing, and effective products aimed at what the customer wants.

Actively Researching and Developing New Optic Designs for Military Applications:

Vortex® Optics is a company full of excellent people cohesively working towards advancing the state-of-the-art in optical sighting solutions. It almost goes without saying that military requirements quite often drive the design and innovation of the latest technologies within the firearms industry. Of course! So it makes sense this element was another important driving factor for synergistic partnership with the two companies.


I typically only employ weapon systems, optics, and equipment that can undoubtedly withstand the rigors of a two-way range. At the current moment I no longer go into harms way, but I still expect my systems and equipment to stand up to the same abuse. There's nothing worse than equipment failing, and that moment typically presents at the worst time. One way I can counter this issue is by using ruggedized and purpose-built equipment designed and tested for military applications. Vortex® delivers on that. In the past, I've also had the fortunate to be equipped with some of the best sniper rifles and optics in the world. It's hard to go back to driving a Chevrolet when you've been racing a Ferrari!


The company goes a few steps further than just innovation and sales for our modern warfighters and law enforcement officers on the front lines. More recently Vortex® started providing formal classes and range access to local LE units. They also offer a pretty extreme MIL / LE discount program. If you ever take a tour, you'll notice a significant amount of military themed artwork throughout the Vortex® facility. One could easily spend a day or two wondering the corridors and hallways taking it all in. Just another way the company honors those who stand willing.


Traits & Values:

All of these points were equally important to me when considering a partnership. Each criteria embodies a lot of what Wolf Den is about as a company:

  • Valuing the customer
  • Industry leading ideas
  • Supporting the warfighters' of today


So naturally I gravitate towards an optics company who shares the same traits and beliefs. Companies are built on the values and skills of empowered employees, something Vortex® has absolutely nailed. If you visit the Vortex® website, you'll see their About Us section is even titled About You. Give it a read and you'll see why Wolf Den chose to partner with such a reputable and industry leading company. Or better yet, visit them to experience it firsthand.


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