• SDM & Snipercraft skills for rural and urban operations

  • Medium to extreme long range target prosecution

  • Practical to advanced ballistics instruction

  • Advanced squad designated marksman skillsets

  • Sniper and SDM capability development

  • Equipment testing and research consultation

  • Ballistic solver software employment and analytical comparison

  • Weapon employment zone analysis

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Learn more about us and the Wolf Den approach to training culture. Contact us directly to request a Capability Statement, Capability Brief, or to schedule training.


Past performance and delivery of government training contracts has included extreme long-range (ELR) sniping, mountain sniping, conventional and unconventional advanced sniping applications, sniper team tactics & planning, and advanced designated marksman skillsets. We have delivered contracted services to numerous conventional and special operations units around the world, but we don't publicly disclose previous government clients due to the nature of our work.

  • Accerleated learning methodologies for faster skills uptake

  • Detailed learning objectives & training outcomes interwoven into each training contract

  • Mobile training teams bring instructors to host unit facilities & ranges

  • Multi-thousand acre Allison Divide Ranch training facility with unique range topography & lodging

  • Open lines of 360 degree communication for on-going contract support

  • Video consultation for post contract questions & follow-up

  • Weapon system & equipment field employment analysis for capability development

  • Programs specifically designed to bridge the lethality gap between training and operations

  • Non-traditional enhancement of niche skillsets for prime contractors

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Contracts can be delivered on unit hosted ranges and facilities or the Allison Divide Ranch training facility

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  • 611519 Specialized Military Training

  • 611519 Police Training Schools

  • 611699 Firearm Training

  • 611699 Survival Training Instruction

  • 928110 Military Training Schools

  • H210 Equipment/Material Testing - Weapons

  • ​H269 Equipment/Materials Testing - Training Aids

  • 6910 Training Aids

  • F019 Wildlife Management

  • L010 Technical Representative - Weapons

  • L012 Technical Representative - Ammunition

  • L084 Technical Representative - Individual Equipment

  • R429 Support - Professional: Emergency Response

  • U001 Education/Training - Lectures

  • U003 Education/Training - Reserve Training (Military)

  • U008 Education/Training - Training/Curriculum

  • U013 Education/Training - Combat

  • U014 Education/Training - Security