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Included here are testimonials from previous clients and customers. See what shooters have said about our professional instructional delivery and exceptional training solutions.
  • Rating: 5/5 | Tyler Dean Lawson | Hunter & LR Shooter

    Chris was an amazing teacher. His ability to determine & adjust to my learning style was very helpful. He is very easy to be around so our down times at night were filled with great conversation about that days training. I highly highly recommend Chris & Wolf Den. The man knows his craft & is highly effective at teaching it.

  • Rating: 5/5 | Chris L. | Competitive ELR Shooter

    "I just returned from a few days of training with Chris Wiencke, of Wolf Den LLC, at the Allison Divide Ranch (ADR) on the Pecos River in Texas. Chris is a quiet and professional ex Aussie sniper with a deep well of knowledge, a large body of experience and a talent for communication and teaching. Chris brings a new level to wind management. It might be described as: “Maximizing the probability of first round impacts beyond a mile -- a procedural approach to identification, quantification and analysis of air mass variables on ELR ballistic solutions.” Even though I have more than 20 years of experience in long range shooting, Chris pointed me in new directions. His instruction is valuable. The ADR is a sprawling ranch at about 2,400 feet of elevation. The dominant terrain feature is a canyon complex that can be visualized as the branches of a tree laid flat on a table top. The main trunk of the canyon is roughly East-West and offers almost 3 miles in which to shoot ELR. The East-West orientation offers the opportunity to shoot with low angle sun at your back morning and evening. The many branches of the canyon offer an almost endless variety of target options. The floor of the canyon sits some 100-200 feet below the lip and is covered by a fine dust that provides excellent splash indication. I spent four days there and shot in winds from zero to a little over 10 mph. Daytime temperatures were 60-70, with night time lows in the 30s and 40s. The accommodations are Spartan but feature beds, linen and blankets, showers, hot water, towels, kitchen, lounge area, coffee and a large meal each day of grilled chicken, beef, peppers, onions, corn and the like. I slept well, ate well and was able to log hundreds of shots and gather data. The range complex at ADR is being jointly developed by Wolf Den and Heartland Precision LLC (heartlandprecisionrifle.com). Kenny Winn of Heartland Precision is a retired Sergeant Major (Army) and also a great guy to work with. It was Kenny who first put me in touch with Chris."

  • Rating: 5/5 | Todd | Competitive NRL Shooter 

    "Great ability to relate to shooters from various backgrounds and skillsets."

  • Rating: 5/5 | Anonymous | SSG2-134TH IN REG (A) | BN Sniper Section Leader

    "Phenominal training and instruction. I would highly recommend Chris and Wolf Den to any organization looking to expand and enhance it's knowledge and lethality."

  • Rating: 5/5 | SPC Streens

    "Chris possesses the highest level of shooter knowledge while being able to convey it at a level anyone can understand. I grew immensely as a LR shooter from this course and have a lot to take to my section."

  • Rating: 5/5 | Anonymous | SGT​ | 39th IBCT

    "Chris has a substantially wide knowledge on both the ballistics and tactics used in modern sniping operations. Wolf Den training is a great choice for sections to take their sniping abilities to the next level."

  • Rating: 5/5 | Anonymous | SPC​2 | 134 IN BN

    "The instructors all know so much and have been around the block as one would say, so any question you have for them, they have the answer."

  • Rating: 5/5 | Anonymous

    "Would highly recommend Chris for individual & or group training. Very professional, very knowledgable, very technically informed, taught with utmost clarity and confidence!"

  • Rating: 4.5/5 | Anonymous

    "Chris gives clear and concise instruction that is easy to learn and retain. I have personally learned more during this three day course than I have in any other shooting class"

  • Rating: 5/5 | Anonymous

    "Chris is an extremely smart instructor. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to make a jump into advanced shooting."

  • Rating: 5/5 | Anonymous

    "Great class! Very well presented. Information was complete and thorough. Chris has a very clear way of speaking that was no problem for me to hear and follow. This is definitely the easy button."

  • Rating: 5/5 | Anonymous

    "Chris provided an in-depth class of practical ballistics, weapon setup and zero knowledge. I highly recommend attending a clinic for those looking to further their proficiency of long range precision shooting."

  • Rating 5/5 | Anonymous

    "Chris has a knowledge way beyond my comprehension. Great teacher and is able to make everything taught in class understandable. Coming out here, I was not expecting to learn as much as I did, let alone be able to take this back to the unit with me."

  • Rating 5/5 | Anonymous

    "Great style of teaching and would keep attention of shooters. Kept the course personable but stayed professional when needed."

  • Rating: 5/5 | Anonymous

    "Extremely knowledgeable and helpful with implementing military tasks."

  • Rating: 4.5\5 | Anonymous

    "Honest & straightforward in a constructive way, made learning enjoyable & highly productive."

  • Rating: 5/5 | Anonymous

    "Chris was super knowledgeable and makes you excited to be a great shooter."

  • Rating: 5/5 | Anonymous

    "Chris & Kenny were excellent instructors for our training purposes because of their vast knowledge & experience & dedication to helping their students grow & improve in marksmanship & precision. Wolf Den & HPR are great for anyone in the military looking to train on precision rifles, or even learn techniques they can carry over to other weapon systems."