• Dynamic to extreme long range target engagements

  • Individual or team competition and hunting preparation

  • Self defense pistol, carbine and DM scoped rifle employment

  • Basic to advanced wind reading techniques

  • Ballistic solver software employment and ballistics instruction

  • Practical ballistics and analytical decision comparisons

  • Remote training and video call consultation

  • Individual or group custom training clinics and range time

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Learn more about us and the Wolf Den approach to training culture.


One-on-one clinics are a very effective way to quickly accelerate the skills, abilities, and techniques of the shooter. Individual training creates an ideal learning environment in which the trainer can adjusting the delivery and pace of the traning while focusing solely on the learning needs of the shooter. 


Group clinics are excellent for developing a training package to meet the unique needs of a small group or an organization. Group training fosters a fun training environment while being surrounded by good friends.

  • Wolf Den works one-on-one with the client to understand the overarching clinic goals

  • The resulting training outcomes are derived from a breakdown of the clinic goals

  • Learning objectives are developed to support the uptake of training outcomes

  • Accelerated learning methodology is interwoven into the training framework for faster learning and skills retention

  • The clinic package is refined based on the client's ongoing feedback

  • Training dates, location, and other administrative and logistical requirements are concurrently organized

  • The clinic training goals are always met and exceeded

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The clinic duration is determined by the client, but is typically not less than 2 days.

Daily start and end times are determined by the client, but are typically no more than 9-10 hours.


​​Please contact us to begin pricing and scheduling your custom clinic.​