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WDI Beta: Ballistics Guide

WDI Beta: Ballistics Guide

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The Wolf Den Innovations Beta Ballistics Guide is an essential reference tool for snipers and shooters who want to excel in their craft. It is designed to be used in conjunction with the Wolf Den Innovations Alpha Ballistics Journal and any ballistic solver application or device.


This comprehensive Rite in the Rain water-resistant paper guide provides a hard copy source of quick reference information on a wide range of topics:

  • Weapon/sight setup and marksmanship
  • Ammunition componentry and descriptions
  • Sighting considerations and scope tracking tests
  • Scope cant considerations and calculation
  • Ballistic solver features and troubleshooting errors
  • Factors and effects of atmospheric shifts and DA
  • Local speed of sound with temperature
  • Methods and aids to target ranging
  • Wind drift indicators and assessment
  • Danger space calculation and employment
  • Point blank range calculation and employment
  • High-angle engagement factors and calculation
  • Moving target engagement techniques
  • Trajectory clearance of downrange obstacles
  • Unit of measure quick conversion factors
  • Common target dimensions for standard target types


The Beta Ballistics Guide equips snipers and shooters with the knowledge they need to overcome most perceivable issues encountered within an engagement scenario. The guide also includes troubleshooting information for determining the source of ballistic solver firing solution errors, enabling users to solve common engagement scenario problems quickly and efficiently. With the Wolf Den Innovations Beta Ballistics Guide at their side, snipers and shooters can achieve peak performance and excel in their field.


Cover: Tan Polyester Waterproof

Binding: Spiral Rust-resistant Wire-O

Paper: Rite in the Rain Tan Water Resistant

Pages: 270 / 135 Sheets

Page Dimensions: Half Letter

ISBN: 979-8-9880182-1-6


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Kirk Young
The best long range shooting information on paper.

Chris has put everything you need to know in this book to get up to speed quickly and keep your knowledge sharp. This book covers every question any long range shooter might have in an extremely easy to digest way. It will be my go to gift for people getting into long range shooting as everything from the difference between first and second focal plane scopes, to reading wind in practical ways that anyone can pick up. I would recommend this book to anyone who shoots long range!

Chris Lucas
Tier One Training

Ever wish to attend training offered to Tier One Operators with primary responsibility for precision engagement? Now you can do it. The BBG covers the essential tools, facts and methods in a clear, concise, comprehensive and easy to understand fashion. Existing texts on ballistics and precision engagements leave a few areas unaddressed. Also, synthesizing two dozen texts and manuals into a coherent training program is time consuming. The BBG solves this with a comprehensive and well organized approach. Because of this, it lends itself well to unit adoption, in whole or in part, for the development of training, policies, procedures and operational orders. Most highly recommended. A great value. For Law Enforcement administrators looking to satisfy the training and supervision requirements necessary to avoid organizational liability under 1983, the Beta Ballistics Guide is invaluable and the adoption of the policies and procedures based on it should be useful in brining down 1983 related insurance premiums, liability and associated costs.

Nicholas Laufenberg
WDI Beta: Ballistics Guide

There is no doubt in my mind, the work Chris has done here is some of the most informative and well thought out pieces of gear for shooters ranging from entry level to advanced. I've been in the game for most of my life and consider myself relatively advanced; however, I have found the BETA Ballistics Guide to serve as a wonderful source of knowledge for myself when I have questions of my own or need a quick "gut-check". Additionally, the ALPHA Ballistics Journal has all the necessary recordable data points to maintain the necessary information for accurate first round engagements, event beyond distances found in most conventional applications. I will most certainly be recommending these products for years to come.