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WDI: Multi Target Range Cards

WDI: Multi Target Range Cards

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Multi Target Cards and Range Cards fulfill a critical role for snipers and shooters operating within dynamic environments. The Wolf Den Innovations water-resistant Multi Target Cards and Range Cards provide a modernized solution to illustrating critical engagement areas, panoramic sketches, target reference points, and ranging information. WDI Multi Target products are best used in conjunction with the Wolf Den Innovations Alpha Ballistics Journal, Beta Ballistics Guide, and any ballistic solver application or device.


Each Multi-Target sheet provides ample space for panoramic sketching. The reverse side includes dedicated sections to capture target information for 10 targets or 10 designated target reference points recorded on the panoramic sketch. Each Multi Target sheet provides a Rite in the Rain water-resistant paper hard copy record of multi-target engagement information concerning:

  • Panoramic or field sketches
  • Atmospheric & gun profile information
  • 10x individual targets or target reference points (TRP)
  • Target engagement information for each target or TRP


The Range Card features range bands with designated spaces for elevation, windage, and moving target lead calculations. The reverse side of the range card has dedicated sections to record all ballistic and TRP information pertaining to the range card sketch. The WDI Range Card provides a Rite in the Rain water-resistant paper hard copy of the following reference information:

  • Range Card Sketch
  • Elevation, windage, and lead sections for range bands
  • Atmospheric and gun profile information
  • 4x Target Reference Points
  • Environmental and wind condition log


The Multi-Target and Range Card loose leaf sheet design is specific to the unique demands of multi-target engagement scenarios. The loose-leaf design allows a card to be indexed at the front of a data book or OP log for quick reference, transferred to another team during a task hand-over-take-over, or even included within a patrol report upon completion of a task. WDI Multi Target cards complement the set of Alpha and Beta books and provide snipers or shooters with a practical means to detail firing solutions and environmental data for an engagement area or multi-target scenario on a single reference card.


Packaging: Loose-Leaf Shrink-Wrapped Sheets

Paper: Rite in the Rain Tan Water Resistant

Multi Target Pages: 20 / 10 Sheets

Range Card Pages: 20 / 10 Sheets

Total Pages: 40 / 20 Sheets

Page Dimensions: Half Letter


International Sales Disclaimer: Customers placing orders for delivery outside of the continental or noncontiguous United States of America will be responsible for all applicable customs import/export fees and/or sales taxes. 

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